• Automated Bike Rentals

    Run your own bike share business in your area.

  • An Alternative Transportation Option

    Bike share offers a greener way to get around.

  • On-Demand Recreation

    Put bikes right where there are needed.

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It's Time to Get ON

Bike share provides a valuable service to your community. And a tidy little profit for you. Did you know over 75 cities in the US have some kind of bike share system? However, thousands of smaller cities, towns, tourist destinations don't. Which is where you come in. With On Bike Share, you can start and run your own bike share system or automated bike rental system, part-time or full-time.

Valuable Service — Bikes are the best way to experience a community. Whether a resident or tourist, on a bike you can explore and discover places you just won't in a car.

Transportation Option — Beyond recreation, bikes are a simple and reliable transportation alternative. They get you from point A to point B quickly. And no hunting around for a parking spot.

Sustainable — Bikes are clean and environmentally friendly. And our systems are solar powered so they don't need power to operate.

Safe — Our bikes were made to be safe and easy to ride. With a low step-thru frame, height adjustable seat and easy-to-use shifting, these bikes are accessible to wide range of riders.

Ride. Return. Repeat.

With our Pay-per-Use bike share system, Riders use our free smartphone App to locate bikes available at each bike station. Once at the station, they select a bike and use the App to electronically unlock the bike from the rack using their phone's Bluetooth. Based on the billing plan they chose when they registered, they will get charged appropriately for each bike use. The system tracks all bike and rider activity so you can view this information in real-time through the Admin software.

While they have the bike, riders can use the bike's integrated U-lock to secure the bike anywhere they go. When done using the bike, they roll the bike into an available docking spot at a bike station, and use the App to electronically lock the bike to the rack.
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20-Bike Complete Pay-Per-Use Bike Share System

$23,600* Plus Shipping

Includes everything you need to run your own bike share program:

  • Twenty (20) bicycles with your logo
  • Bluetooth-operated locking system
  • Twenty (20) docking racks
  • Unlimited free phone App downloads
  • Cloud-based Admin software with customizable billing plans
  • One-time purchase — No recurring fees
Complete pay-per-use bike share system

*Finance this system for only $834/mo. for 36 months, or $653/mo. for 48 months for qualified buyers.

Need a Quote on a Specific Configuration?

With our modular system, you can start with a program size that meets your needs now, and easily expand over time.

Looking to Start an Automated Bike Rental Business?

Use this calculator to create a quick forecast for your business. Enter your assumptions in the column on the left to view Revenue, Expense and Profit calculations on the right. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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