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    Easier to Operate. Easier to Maintain.

  • A Healthy Alternative

    Bicycles are a fun and relaxing way to get around.

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custom bicycle fleet

Bicycles Made for Sharing

They use specially designed frames and components that offer higher reliability, more security and a better riding experience than other bikes on the market.

Bicycle Features

  • Unisex frame design with height adjustable seat (fits riders 5'-6'5")
  • Shimano 7-speed internal gearing with simple twist shifter
  • Leather suspension seat and upright, relaxed riding position
  • Frame integrated U-lock with non-remove key feature (bike has to be locked to remove key)
  • Puncture resistant tires
  • Full coverage fenders, rear basket, bell and double-leg kickstand
  • Custom branded with your logo

A Better Ride Starts Here

Smarter Gearing

Our bicycles make every ride more enjoyable by using components engineered to be easier to operate and more reliable. For instance, we use the Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal gear hubs. This gearing system provides a 40% wider range than 3-speed bikes, but it is smoother and easier to shift. In fact, with our bicycles, you can shift at any time — while pedaling, coasting or at a complete stop. The enclosed gears also mean no mess and no maintenace like bikes with derailleurs.
Shimano 7-speed rear hub

Higher Security

While they have the bike, riders can use the bike's integrated U-lock to secure the bike to any standard bike rack anywhere they go. This U-lock goes through the frame and rear wheel to totally disable the bike when locked. This lock is also designed with a special non-remove key feature, so the only way to get the key out is to lock the bike. This means riders can't lose the key while riding, and they can't return the key unless the bike is locked.
Bike Share U-lock

Custom Bike Branding

Standard Branding Includes:

  • Custom decals with your logo (you just provide us the artwork)
  • Chainguard decal (your URL)
  • Fleet number decal

Premium Branding Includes:

  • Custom decals with your logo (you just provide us the artwork)
  • Chainguard decal (your URL)
  • Fleet number decal
  • Custom painted fenders and chainguards (color-matched to your logo)
  • License plates branded with your logo
  • Additional fee charged per bike based on quantity
bicycle branding

We can create custom bike fleets of any size.

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