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Bike Share in 4 Simple Steps

On Bike Share is the simplest and most convenient way to implement and manage an automated bike share system. To launch our bike share system, all you need are bike racks -- we provide the rest. Our system includes highly reliable, easy to operate bicycles with integrated locks, as well as electronic key boxes used to secure and release keys to the bicycles.

For you, we make the system simple to install and manage. First, you attach our electronic key boxes to your existing bike racks next to the corresponding bicycles (one key box for each bicycle). Next, you upload the user codes into the key boxes using the provided USB drive. Then, add the bicycle keys into the key boxes. That's it - your system is up and running. Users can access bikes as soon as they have their access code and the system is installed. And each time a user accesses one of the key boxes, their information is stored on the key box so usage logs can be downloaded at any time.

For your users, our system is just as easy to use. Once they register for the system, they are given an access to code to enter into the keypad on the key box. Once they enter their code, they remove the bike key and use the bike key to unlock the bike. The bicycle is theirs to use. To return the bike, they lock the bicycle to the rack where they removed it from, enter their code on the key box and put the bike key back into the key box. The bike is now immediately available to another user.


How it Works


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