On Bike Share - Bicycle Sharing Solutions for University, corporate or commercial locations
  On Bike Share - Bicycle Sharing Solutions for University, Corporate and Commercial Locations bike share... your way
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Turnkey Bike Share System

On Bike Share is the simplest and most convenient way to implement and manage a bike share system. Our turn-key system comes complete with everything you need to operate your system:

  1. Commercial grade 7-speed bicycles with integrated OnLock(tm)
  2. Electronic key boxes with administrative software
  3. Custom-made bike racks for mounting the electronic key boxes
  4. On-site implementation and launch services

On Bike Share is inexpensive to operate and maintain, yet offers multiple layers of security to reduce theft and increase accountability. Our system uses specially designed bicycles that are fun to ride, and use a unisex frame design that makes them accessible to very wide range of riders. They feature the clean, safe Sussex shaft drive system as well as the Shimano 7-speed internal gear hubs with twist shifter. This combination makes the bikes cleaner and safer than chain bikes, and much more resilient to weather, vandalism and damage. These commercial-grade bicycles also feature a unique locking system, called OnLock(tm). OnLock is a specially designed U-lock integrated into the bike frame that traps the key inside the lock when the bike is unlocked. The key cannot be removed until the U-bar is re-inserted the lock and the bike is secured. This non-remove key feature prevents someone from returning the bike key unless the bike is locked. Plus, since our bicycles can be locked to any standard bike rack, a rider can stop and lock the bike securely anywhere they need to while still in their possession.

Each bicycle comes with its own electronic key box for storing the bike key and tracking usage activity. The electronic key boxes are mounted directly onto our specially designed bicycle racks (1 rack holds 2 bicycles). The location of the key boxes on the racks makes it fast to install, highly secure, and easily accessible for users of the system. When participants sign up to join the bike share system, they are assigned a PIN (access code) that has already been loaded onto the key boxes; so once they receice their code, they can immediately begin using the system. To check out a bike, riders simply enter their code into the keypad on the key box to remove the bike key. The bike key only unlocks the corresponding bike. When they return the bike, they again use their PIN to unlock the key box and return the key, thus making the bike immediately available to another rider. Each time the key box is accessed, the date, time and user information is stored in the on-board memory of the key box. PINs and activity data can easily be uploaded and downloaded from electronic key boxes using a USB drive. The software runs in Java, so it works on any PC or Mac computer. You mount the electronic key box directly to our specially designed bike racks to accompany each bike. And since the key boxes are battery powered, no power or internet are required. For your system participants, this makes the system to use:

Bike Share in 4 Simple Steps

The On Bike Share system is owner-operated; which means you own and operate the system. There are no recurring fees or monthly costs from On Bike Share. The bikes and key boxes are designed to require minimal maintenance, and you can decide if you want to perform the routine inspections and services yourself, or outsource these to a local bike shop.



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