On Bike Share - Bicycle Sharing Solutions for University, corporate or commercial locations
  On Bike Share - Bicycle Sharing Solutions for University, Corporate and Commercial Locations bike share... your way
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Let's Get Rolling

On Bike Share is the simplest and most cost-effective way to implement and manage a bike share system. Our system comes complete with bicycles, bike racks and electronic key boxes for securing and releasing keys; everything you need to launch and manage a professional looking bike share system.

Simplified Bicycles

We use custom-made bicycles that feature the clean, safe shaft drive system as well as the Shimano 7-speed internal gear hubs with simple-to-operate twist shifter. This combination makes the bikes cleaner and safer, and more resilient to weather, vandalism and damage. And best of all, the bikes are customized with your brand and logo!

Automated Bike Access

On Bike Share uses specially designed electronic key boxes (one key box for each bike) to secure and release bike keys to system participants. Each user of the system has a unique Access Code that they use to remove the bike key and unlock the corresponding bike. These electronic key boxes are mounted directly to our specially designed bike racks, and provide 24/7 access to the bikes.

Highly Secure

On Bike Share offers multiple layers of security to reduce theft and increase accountability. From our weather-resistant electronic key boxes made of hardened steel, to our unique on-bikelocking system, called OnLock(tm), we provide multiple layers of security. Plus, with OnLock, our bicycles can be locked to any standard bike rack, so a rider can stop and lock the bike securely anywhere they need to while still in their possession; then return it when they are done.

'Ride-and-Return' Simplicity

Want your bike share system to be simple to operate? With 'Ride-and-Return', users return bikes to the same location from where they took it. This means bikes are always balanced across locations, and the system is more predictable and reliable for all users. Plus, it eliminates the need for someone to track down and redistribute bikes across locations.

Bike Share in 4 Simple Steps

The On Bike Share system is owner-operated; which means you own and operate the system. There are no recurring fees or monthly costs from On Bike Share. The bikes and key boxes are designed to require minimal maintenance, and you can decide if you want to perform the routine inspections and services yourself, or outsource these to a local bike shop.



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