Bike Share for Cities and Towns

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Bike share with your name all over it

Bicycles are a healthy and affordable way for residents and tourists to explore your community. Bikes encourage frequent stops – which increases business at local shops and restaurants – and enable riders to experience your community in a way you simply can’t in a car. Plus, with On Bike Share, all the bicycles come with your logo, so the bikes are unique and easy to spot.

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What Can Bike Share Do For You?

Distinguishing Amenity

Bikes and racks branded with your logo as well as places to add sponsors and ads.

Reduce Auto Traffic

Bikes are faster to get around in congested areas, and take up far less space to park.

Make Shipping More Accessible

Bikes can get you right to the local stores and restaurants without car parking worries.

Health and Wellness

Bikes encourage healthy choices, and give easy access to local parks and bike paths.

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Join Our Growing Family

Cities and Towns
  • City of Baudette, MN
  • City of Ellisville, MO
  • City of Peterborough, ON
  • City of Aurora, IN
  • Sandy Pines Park & Garden
  • Crosslake Bikes
  • Lamar County, TX
  • Gloucester Township, NJ
  • City of Pinedale, WY
  • and more…