• A Distinguishing Amenity

    Bike share encouranges healthy lifestyles.

  • A Sustainable Transportation Option

    Bike share offers a greener way to get around.

  • A Great Way to Promote Your Brand

    Everywhere the bikes go, so does your logo.

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The Best Amenity for your Money

On Bike Share offers residential and commercial properties, university and corporate campuses a simple and cost-effective recreation and transportation amenity that promotes their property as a fun, sustainable and desirable place to live, work or learn. Bike share provides numerous benefits to your property:

Distinguishing Amenity — Bike Share is a highly visible amenity that promotes your property's lifestyle and priorities.

Transportation Option — Provides a healthy and convenient alternative to getting around your property or around town.

Sustainability — Bike share is a very visible way to make your property more green and gain valuable Leed credits.

Attract New Tenants, Employees or Students — Bike share is a contributing reason to how people decide where to live, work and learn. Don't be left out. Even a small system can have a big impact.

Ride. Return. Repeat.

With our Amenity bike share system, Riders use our free smartphone App to locate bikes available at each bike station. Once at the station they select a bike and use the App to electronically unlock the bike from the rack using their phone's Bluetooth. The bikes are free to use, and system administrators can choose a Ride-and-Return or Point-to-Point system. The system tracks all bike and rider activity so you can view this information in real-time through the Admin software.

While they have the bike, riders can use the bike's integrated U-lock to secure the bike anywhere they go. When done using the bike, they roll the bike into an available docking spot at a bike station, and use the App to electronically lock the bike to the rack.
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8-Bike Amenity Bike Share System

$9,960* Plus Shipping

Includes everything you need to start and run your own bike share program:

  • Eight (8) bicycles with your logo
  • Bluetooth-operated locking system
  • Eight (8) docking racks
  • Unlimited free phone App downloads
  • Cloud-based Admin software
  • One-time Purchase — No recurring fees
Complete bike share system

*Finance this system for only $505/mo. for 24 months, or $351/mo. for 36 months for qualified buyers.

With our highly scalable design, you can start with a program size
that meets your funding and needs, and allows you to grow over time.

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