Number of Bikes in System     Revenue Per Day
Ave Rental Fee/day x Number of rentals/day

  Number of Rental Days     Annual revenue
Revenue per day x Number of days in Rental Season
  Average Number of Rentals/Day     Total Revenue (Life of System)
Annual Revenue * Life of System
  Ave Rental Fee/Day          
  Expected Life of System - Years     EXPENSES    
          Purchase of System  
  EXPENSES       Credit Card Fees 
Total revenue (life of systems) x 6% + $0.30 per transaction
  System Purchase Cost (inc shipping)     Labor
Labor rate/hour x 8 hrs per day x Labor days per season/year x Life of system
  Labor Rate/Hour     Permit/License
Annual permit fee x Life of System
  Labor Days per Season/Year     Rent/lease
Annual lease fee x Life of System
  Lease of Space per Season/Year     Repair Costs
Annual repair parts * Life of System
  Permit/Fees per Season/Year     Total Expenses (Life of System)  
  Annual Repair Parts          
          Net Profit (Life of System)
Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization
  This worksheet is for reference only, and is not intended to provide comprehensive financial analysis.