Bike share systems for properties, campuses and communities.

Bike Share Systems Built Just For You

On Bike Share makes it easy for you to run your own bike share program. One-time purchase includes all the equipment and software. No recurring fees!

See How the System Works
bike share bicycle - smart bike with bluetooth locking system

Ride. Return. Repeat.

Riders use our free App to locate available bikes. Once at the station they select a bike and use the App to electronically unlock the bike from the rack using their phone's Bluetooth. The system tracks all bike and rider activity so you can view this information in real-time through the Admin software.

When done using the bike, they roll the bike into an available docking spot at a bike station, and use the App to electronically lock the bike to the rack.

We Can Configure Systems of Any Size

Sample System

Complete 8-bike System - $9,960*

  • Eight (8) Unisex 7-speed bicycles with your logo
  • Bluetooth-operated locking system
  • Eight (8) 1-bike docking racks
  • Unlimited free phone App downloads
  • Cloud-based Admin software
  • One time purchase - No recurring fees
Complete bike share system

*Plus Shipping. Financing is available for qualified buyers.

Complete Bike Share System

Includes an intuitive phone App, maintenance-free racks, comprehensive Admin software, and bicycles that are simple to operate and easy to maintain.

bike share bicycle
bike share rack
bike share lock
bike share smartphone app
bike share system administration
bike share system planning

Common Questions

Why Should I Choose On Bike Share?

We'll give you three good reasons:
Owner Operated. Our system was designed for those who want to run their own bike share program. So we designed our system to be simple enough for you to manage yourself. From the software to the bikes, everything was designed with you in mind.
Better DesignOur system uses the latest in Bluetooth locking technology, a kiosk-free (small footprint) station design, cloud-based App and Admin software, and bikes that are easier to operate and easier to maintain.
More Affordable. With our system, it's a one-time purchase with no on-going fees. That's right - no recurring fees.

How Does Your Bike Share System Work?
bike share bicycle with locking system

It's pretty simple. Riders download the free App on their phone and register for your system. They can use the App to geo-locate available bikes on a map and see where the closest bikes are.

Once at the bike station, riders use the App to select the bike they want to use, and the App uses the phone's Bluetooth to electronically unlock the bike from the rack.

To return a bike, riders simply dock the bike into an available bike station rack, and use the App to end the rental.

How Are the Bicycles Branded?
bike share bicycle branding

The bikes come standard with your logo on the bike. You just send us the artwork and we decal the bikes before they ship.

Want a splash of color? Our basket ad panels and Premium Branding Package offer multiple ways to personalize and brand your bikes.

How Much Does Your Bike Share System Cost?

System costs are based on a couple key components:
❶ Number of bikes
❷ Number of stations
❸ Whether it's Ride-and-Return or Point-to-Point deployment
❹ Whether it's an Amenity System (free for participants to use), or a Pay-for-Use System (riders pay a fee to use the bikes)

To see sample pricing, look at the Sample Configuration below. Or request a Custom Quotation.

Recent News


Customer Order Financing Now Available

Now you can finance your bike share system purchase for 24, 36 or 48 months. Ask us for details.


Next Generation Bike Share System Now Available

New Bluetooth-operated locking system and phone App take bike share to a new level of sophistication, security, and affordability.

..more news

Fast Setup and Installation

On Bike Share systems are simple to install. No power or internet is required at the bike stations! Use our Site Planning Guide to help select bike station locations and map out your system.
Bike Share Map

On-Site Bicycle Maintenance

Our bikes were specifically made for low maintenance. But if you don’t want to maintain the bicycles yourself, you can get comprehensive and affordable on-site bike maintenance through our partner, Velotooler. Velotooler’s qualified and insured bike mechanics come on-site to perform bicycle assembly, bike safety inspections, complete bike tune-ups, and on-demand service to keep your system operating safely and reliably.

Annual Bike Maintenance Program

  • Twelve (12) monthly visits consisting of:
  • Nine (9) safety inspections
  • Three (3) complete tune-ups
  • All services done on-site
  • All mechanics certified and insured
  • Includes all labor
  • Parts not included, if required

Additional Services Available

  • On-site Bike Assembly
  • On-demand bike repair
  • Ask for complete list of services and prices
bike share riders

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